Cryptocurrency Consulting

If you don’t have any experience with cryptocurrency and can’t leave your money for a longer period of time, you’d better join us, because we have 12 years of experience and have always generated a double-digit return per month over the years.

Mining solutions

We may not be more experienced than others, but we have 10 large mining farms, all located at large waterfalls. The disadvantage of this position is the remote location, but the advantage is that one KW/h including all costs only a few cents.

How Blockchain Works

A blockchain makes it possible to transmit information in a tamper-proof way using a decentralised database shared by many participants, so that copies are excluded. The database is also known as a distributed ledger. It is stored on many computers in a peer-to-peer network, whereby each new node takes over a complete copy of the blockchain when it joins and from now on has the task of verifying and documenting transactions.

How does this work in concrete terms? Someone initiates a process by generating a record (block), which is then verified and stored by thousands or even millions of computers in the network. The verified block is cryptographically encrypted and attached to a chain of data records (blockchain), resulting in a large number of unique data records, each with its own traceable history.


Our Experts for europe

Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our representation in these countries is the association Public Money. Of course, we are still looking for trustworthy partners for other European countries. Please contact Mr Balke

Ulrich Balke

Chairman Public Money

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